Mural de Ojalá

Learn about the meaning of the elements that make up the magnificent mural of Ojalá Niños, elements that were proposed by the children because the importance for them and the community.

This is the story of the people of San Miguel Viejo and San Miguel de Allende in a mural of approximately 100 square meters, made by the children of the community with the help of Ranchero Pandillero, a group of young artists who use music and art to keep young people away from gangs and addictions.

The Butterfly

The butterfly represents the change, evolution, and transformation that we all experience as we grow and learn new things. This is an important element, not only because it is part of the Ojalá Niños logo, but also because it is the transition that we observe in the children who participate in our programs.

The chapel of San Miguel Viejo

The community of San Miguel Viejo is the original settlement of the region, later what is known today as San Miguel de Allende was founded, but San Miguel Viejo is the origin of the city. In the mural we can see the chapel in its original appearance and it was painted by the Morales family, Carlos, Juan and Gabriel (sons and father), artists from the ranch.

Cactaceae garden

Plants native to the region, varieties of cacti and a hummingbird are observed, as it is the most abundant flora and that we like so much.

Corazón Sanmiguelense

A traditional Sanmiguelense heart with the name of the community on the ribbon that crosses it.

The Milpa

The milpa is a style of corn cultivation, traditional in the area and that continues to date and is part of the income of many families in San Miguel Viejo.

The Alborada at the Parroquia

The traditional stars used in the festivity of the Alborada in the Parroquia.

The Indigenous with a Plume

Within the community of San Miguel Viejo, there is a group of families that preserve a traditional dance with costumes, plumes, makeup, and drum music and songs. In honor of this, the face of an indigenous man with a plume was shaped.