Ojala Niños offers an integrated learning program for children in rural Mexico to inspire creativity, critical thinking skills and self-confidence, while opening doors to opportunities.


 Your donation will allow us to continue to provide high caliber programs and events that will broaden each child’s horizons and equip them with the critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in the future.

Meet Us

Ojala Niños provides children of all ages in the Otomí indigenous rural community of San Miguel Viejo access to free daily classes in the arts, music, literacy, health, environment, computer technology, social consciousness and ethics, and many other essential and delightful activities...


Ojalá Niños is a Place to Learn, offering Space, Materials, Ideas & Guidance so that children can freely explore and discover; share and learn together using Integrated & Interactive learning processes, in open classrooms to fostering creativity...

Programa de voluntarios

Are you tired of being cooped-up and think only of the Pandemic?
Do you want to use your skills or interests to improve the life of a child or many children?

Annual Report 2021

Over the past two years, the board and staff have prepared Ojalá Niños A.C. for the future. We set about documenting policies, negotiating labor contracts, modifying the programs offered to meet the needs of the children, developing the land owned by Ojalá…