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What is Ojalá?

Ojalá (Oh - hah - LA) is the word used by millions in Latin America to express a wish, a hope, or a dream. The word itself has an Arabic background, coming to us through multiple cultures and many centuries.

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Ojalá Niños is a non-profit year round program that gives 100 + indigenous children in the rural community of San Miguel Viejo in the state of Guanajuato, México the opportunity to explore their strengths through art, music and literacy. Ojalá Niños also teaches these young artist the cooperative business model.

All classes are offered FREE of charge.


Our Mission

To be a model for extra-curricular education in rural communities in Mexico for children of all ages, using art, music and literacy in a space for learning that inspires creativity and develops critical thinking skills and self-confidence.

To help children to expand these activities into cooperative businesses for sustainability.

To have the vision to create projects that will offer solutions to environmental, health and social justice issues in their own communities.


We believe that a safe place where children can gather and be guided without judgement is a place where their curiosity and creativity can have no limits. We believe that this kind of environment stimulates thought, imagination and the potential to find liberation from poverty, ignorance and oppression; and can lead to personal pride, strength of character and the desire to build a cooperative community.

You may make a monthly subscription or a one-time donation.

Please go to our Donation Page here.

We welcome you to visit the classes and to find your special place with Ojalá.